03.12.2020 (Caucasian Journal). ახლა უკვე ქართულად! Our interview with chief advisor to the Mayor of Oslo is now available in Georgian language. If you speak Georgian, you are welcome to visit Caucasian Journal’s Georgian version here.

For our readers who have missed the original English publication, we republish it below. It focuses on big city problems. This interview continues our program of interviews with high-level practitioners from Western Europe who share knowledge in areas most relevant to our region.

How quickly an industrial city can transform into a leader in environment protection and clean hi-tech? Which secret city management mechanisms are needed? How do citizens participate?

Raymond JOHANSEN, Governing Mayor of Oslo — European Green Capital 2019, kindly agreed to give interview to us, but due to COVID crisis it was postponed. We are thankful to Anita LINDAHL TROSDAHL, Project Manager of Oslo European Green Capital 2019 at the Mayor’s Office, who proposed to answer most of our questions.

Read the Georgian language version here.

Alexander KAFFKA, editor-in-chief of CJ: In 2019 your city — Oslo — was awarded the title of Europe’s Green Capital. Congratulations! Do you think that greening of Oslo is your most important achievement?

ANITA LINDAHL TROSDAHL: I am very proud of Oslo’s European Green Capital title. This is a result of a long-term effort from citizens, companies and public sector. I believe that politicians in Oslo have made many good decisions over two-three decades. Recently we continue to see good environmental results. The buses run more frequently, the car traffic is going down and the air is cleaner. Greenhouse gas emissions are going down, and investment are made to ensure that they continue to go down. In addition to green policies, I am very proud that Oslo is home to every fourth new green job created in Norway. A true sustainable city must be green, socially inclusive and economically viable.

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