Photo: Hanne Salonen / Finnish Parliament

14.07.2021 (Caucasian Journal). Caucasian Journal’s guest today is Ms. Inka HOPSU — Finnish politician, member of Parliament for the Green League.

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Alexander KAFFKA, editor-in-chief of CJ: Welcome to Caucasian Journal! Your career is remarkable in so many ways. Being a mother of four, you managed to become a parliamentarian. You were a teacher and now you are a “green” politician. You seem like a role model for everyone, who wants to make life better in his or her city or community. We are delighted to get such as a guest as you for an interview, and have prepared many essential questions. Let me start with this: Have you ever thought about yourself as a role model? Maybe your teaching experience has prepared you for such a role long time ago?

Inka HOPSU: Even before teaching, I was a scout leader for many years, first responsible of smaller groups, then working in the board of national organization and in international tasks. I think these prepared me to take responsibility and to be an example of a good and motivating leader for many young people. I think the role of civil society in preparing for leadership tasks in politics is very essential.

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