14.12.2020 (Caucasian Journal) The quality of cement… Is it a socially important topic? In Georgia, yes, it is. How safe are the homes built with fake cement? How many buildings may be at risk? Is the regulation of construction sector adequate? What can be done to protect ourselves?

That’s the kind of questions Caucasian Journal will be asking our today’s guest — Mr. Paul RODZIANKO, President of the Georgian Cement Association (GCA) and Chairman & CEO of Kavkaz Cement and of Georgian Building Group (GBG).

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Alexander KAFFKA, editor-in-chief of Caucasian Journal: At Caucasian Journal, we do our best to cover issues that matter to people — that is, they have a clear social importance. Today we have a rare opportunity to talk professionally about the construction industry — and the risks that it creates for people. In the developed countries, the quality of cement is a routine technical parameter, which deserves as little media attention as, say, standard rails width. Why in Georgia does it gain so much importance?

Paul RODZIANKO: I trust that your readers will understand that cement worldwide is a commodity product i.e., a standard item with specific technical parameters as you put it so aptly. SO: when is a commodity not a commodity? The answer: when the labeling on the packaging does not conform to the product inside. It is this cheating — and there really is no other word for it — that has brought this matter to prominence.

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