07.03.2021 (Caucasian Journal). On the eve of International Women’s Day, Caucasian Journal has interviewed two female defense ministers — Tina KHIDASHELI (Georgia) and Kristin Krohn DEVOLD (Norway). They are discussing a wide range of topics from gender issues to NATO.

Our double interview can be watched or read in two languages. Below Caucasian Journal is pleased to present the full English text version of interview.

▶ ქართულად: The Georgian text version is here.

▶ For the video version of interview, click here.

Alexander KAFFKA, editor-in-chief of CJ: Hello, and welcome to Caucasian Journal video interviews. Our guests today are Tina KHIDASHELI — leader of Civic IDEA, Georgian non-governmental organization, and former defense minister of Georgia, and Kristin Krohn DEVOLD — former defense minister of Norway, and currently head of Norwegian Travel Association, who joins us online.

Dear Tina, first thank you very much for giving this interview. Tina, you have many “hats”: an experienced politician and a legal expert, head of a leading Georgian non-governmental organization, and of course former defense minister — the first and actually the only female defense minister in this country.

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