Whiskey made in qvevri is patented in Georgia

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05.03.2016 (Hvino News).Georgia’s patent authority Sakpatenti has registered unique method of making whiskey using traditional qvevri (Georgian earthenware vessel).

“We’ve been developing this idea for two years. No one has come up with anything like this. We originally tried this more as an experiment to see what clay does as a catalyst when making high quality alcoholic products”, said distiller Aleko Kvernadze, author of technology. Kvernadze believes his method of making whiskey will be of interest around the world as it is unique compared to other types of spirits. He explained that the clay from which qvevri are made purifies alcohol in ways other technologies do not.

In an interview with Business Morning, Aleko Kvernadze said that the clay of which a qvevri is made represents a strong catalyst and it purifies spirits. “I think the forms of qvevri is also very important. The distilled product turned out absolutely free of raw brandy oils and the taste is wonderful”, adds the distiller. “Further, we want to get developed in the direction of bourbon and we want to age our whisky in white oak”.

Originally published at news.hvino.com on March 5, 2016.

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